Dr. John Whitcomb
has been a professor of Old
Testament and theology for
60 years and is widely
recognized as a leading
Biblical scholar. The book he
coauthored with the late Dr.
Henry Morris in 1961, The
Genesis Flood, has been
credited as one of the major
catalysts for the modern
Biblical creationism
movement. Dr. Whitcomb’s
broadcasts, sermons,
lectures and writings are
available at
SermonAudio. To
receive the very latest on his
ministry, join
"Encounter God's Truth" is a brand new weekly radio ministry
featuring the classical Bible teaching of author and theologian Dr. John Whitcomb.
The program will utilize a unique format – allowing listeners to receive answers to
questions about the Bible and the Christian life each week from Dr. Whitcomb,
drawing upon his many years of study in God’s Word.

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Encounter God's Truth is a weekly 25:55 broadcast. The
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